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July 04 2013

7040 488f
fearless, girl, inked

Image size: 482x478
5450 a776
amazing, blackandwhite, dance

Image size: 500x331
2947 806e
Best, adorable, amazing

Image size: 499x750
2948 1672
Burton, Hot, alexandra hummel

Image size: 412x720

July 03 2013

3829 a1cb
ballerina, dance, tutu

Image size: 333x500

July 02 2013

7884 d4c9
alone, believe, black and white

Image size: 600x700
7892 817a
ballerina, ballet, dance

Image size: 500x750
7900 33c9
Drake, baby, boy

Image size: 416x583
7905 aa7d
ballet, clothes, dance

Image size: 500x332
7911 1556
adorable, amazing, awesome

Image size: 342x252
7916 8ef9
OMG, ballet, black and white

Image size: 500x500
7921 74c5
Hot, black and white, blair waldorf

Image size: 500x251

July 01 2013

7928 cd84
Dream, champagne, dance

Image size: 500x500
7932 d8e8
Dream, Hot, achieve

Image size: 485x369
7937 2cd1
ballerina, dance, death

Image size: 500x381
7941 408e
:), Relationship, black and white

Image size: 500x374
7947 4f21
ballerina, ballet, black and white

Image size: 500x750

June 30 2013

7956 da99
ballerina, ballet, dance

Image size: 500x381
7963 58da
Dream, boy, cute

Image size: 500x335
7968 2d84
candy, clean, dance

Image size: 640x646
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