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June 30 2013

7975 eaf2
ballerina, ballet, dance

Image size: 500x750

June 29 2013

7981 5c42
dance, forever, girl

Image size: 300x300
7987 2767
amazing, ballet, beautiful

Image size: 500x344

June 28 2013

5970 3c5b
black and white, girl, inked

Image size: 500x277

June 26 2013

2104 fa5e
dye hair, goat milk, grunge

Image size: 500x750

June 22 2013

3834 888b
adorable, all star, amaing

Image size: 500x333
8716 71f3
Tattoos, adorable, art

Image size: 500x375
8718 a2ec
alternative, b&w, black and white

Image size: 400x400
1338 2819
Tattoos, adorable, art

Image size: 500x741

June 21 2013

1340 f16e
*_________*, Piercings, alternative

Image size: 500x750

June 19 2013

3385 965a
1d, Hot, Tattoos

Image size: 500x620

June 15 2013

0923 8328
Tattoos, body art, guitar

Image size: 500x500

June 14 2013

0462 f7d9
Hot, Tattoos, arm tattoos

Image size: 500x375

June 12 2013

6921 976c
ballerina, ballet, bever give up

Image size: 400x600

June 11 2013

4161 19c4
Chica, Lyrics, amor

Image size: 415x402
0179 38ad
Pin Up, Tattoos, art

Image size: 500x337
0186 b65a
girl, ink, inked

Image size: 500x500
4163 3a71
amazing, awesome, chic

Image size: 500x333
4166 a589
amazing, awesome, ballet dancer

Image size: 500x416

June 10 2013

4171 0efc
amazing, bech, dance

Image size: 500x334
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